OMG! Presents is focused on creating performance based experiences that encourage empathy, exploration, and excitement in it's audiences. Creating with the intent to amplify the stories, works, and imaginations of primarily Black Artist. 

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Home W/ The Homies

A podcast where you, our future and potential homie, get to hang out with us, the homies!

The Great Adventure of Amelia Franchesca Amador: The Space Cowboy

Premiering at Dreams and Delusions, ...Space Cowboy  played on loop, and with each new performance the cast would change who played who.

Written by: Briana Gause

Directed by: Emily Wanamaker

Costumes by: Samira Alhassan

Set Design by: Dominic Gause

Cast: La'Needra Lulu Cornelious,  Sheridan Merrick, and Shaun Morgan


Black Cloud Festival

The Black Cloud Festival is an all Black arts exhibition. In it's first iteration we featured the trailer of Discovering Black holes and had a reading of Elysium. Stay tuned for more information on the next iteration.