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OMG! Presents

OMG! Presents is focused on creating performance based experiences that encourage empathy, exploration, and excitement in it's audiences. Creating with the intent to amplify the stories, works, and imaginations of primarily Black Artist. 

OMG! Artwork

OMG! Artwork is focused on creating visual art experiences that speak to audiences in ways that words cannot convey. Featuring the works, stories, and imaginations of primarily Black Artist. 

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OMG! Pictures

OMG! Pictures is focused on creating cinematic experiences. Uplifting the voices, stories, and imaginations of primarily Black Artist. 

about us

OMG! Studios is a multi-disciplinary production company. Creating opportunities for love and education to thrive through art, OMG! holds no bounds in creating space and works that evoke empathy, encourage reflection, and instill courage. Specializing in theatre, film, and visual arts, we strive to create conversations with our audiences and community in all that we do. 

OMG! Education

OMG! Education is focused on creating opportunities for folks to explore, experiment, and move through their creative curiosities. OMG! Studios offers a variety of workshops to promote education and community through learning. 



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